What Our Travelers Are Saying

“Soulwellness was exactly that- wellness for the soul and the heart. Every piece of the trip was well thought out and well executed. It was evident that Shauna putting her heart and SOUL into the ideal itinerary.

Every note was hit: the palette, the mind, the breath, the eyes, the touch. Don’t miss this experience, your soul will thank you.” -Karen A

“Soul Wellness Method fell into my inbox like some form of magical fairy email godmother right when I needed it most. I’d always wanted to go to Portugal, and I loved the idea of traveling alone but with the optional company and support of a group. I also spend a lot of my career planning and coordinating things, so the idea of a trip where all I had to do was show up sounded like pure bliss. What I got from this experience was so much more than I ever could have anticipated. What Soul Wellness Method gave me was so much more than a vacation — it was an opportunity to reconnect with myself, to prioritize my wellbeing, and to regain the ever-elusive sense of perspective that I needed so much. It’s so easy to become bogged down in our day-to-days, and the busier we get, we tend to let our own self-care go out the window first. This was an eye-opening, unforgettable trip that I came out of with not only a renewed sense of meaning and purpose, but with a new group of lifelong friends. I’ve never before met such an amazing, diverse group of badass, like-minded people. Thank you Shauna for your exquisite sense of curation, for your friendship, and for giving each and every one of us back a piece of ourselves. You are a gem. This was the first trip that I’ve ever taken where the end did not feel like the close of something great, but the beginning of something even more wonderful to come.” -Hannah B

“I was first introduced to Soul Wellness Travels by my friend Nadia. The accommodations and itinerary looked amazing, and I figured if I managed to stay healthy along the way, great. I didn’t have much higher aspirations than that. Soul Wellness Travels did not disappoint. Everything was true to the description. The house was incredible, the activities numerous without being exhausting, and wow was eating healthy delicious and staying active fun. The best part was getting to share this with my close friend and be able to enjoy the quality experiences with one another. While I expect Soul Wellness Travel is amazing for the solo traveler, I can testify that it is a great way to dedicate time to a friendship as well.” -Alysha