A curated wellness experience for the thoughtful traveler
Travel Well. Eat Clean

Who We Are
We’re fun. We’re chill. We care about our health

Our Traveler
Soul Wellness Method | Travels is for the traveler who wants to experience a new place in a new way.  Learn more, leave better.

The Experience

Soul Wellness Method | TRAVELS is a wellness company leading retreats focused around clean eating and culturally rich experiences. Conscious  living, exploration, and rest is the compass to all retreat itineraries.  

Creator, Shauna Faulisi believes traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. And believes it should be healthy and fun! She’s a Holistic Nutritionist and Boss Babe of Soul Wellness Method, a nutrition and wellness concierge practice specializing in weight loss, clear skin, and slow aging that works with clients all over the world.


Our Mission

Soul Wellness Method | Travels’ mission is to curate an experience that incorporates clean eating, a little movement, and exciting new experiences that allow you to connect back with who you know you are deep in your soul.

These experiences are about wellness, exploration, and remembering what’s important.

When we travel, we grow, and we are never the same again.

We Believe…

  • We believe that life should be exciting
  • We believe in broadening our views of the world and the people in it
  • We believe in structure, but like to shake it up sometimes
  • We believe in taking care of our bodies
  • We believe that human connection is one of the most undervalued pleasures in life
  • We believe in getting curious, and sometimes a little lost
  • We believe in wine at dinner and day-drinking in the sun
  • We believe that quiet time is the best way to recharge
  • We believe in feeling sexy
  • We believe that following your heart is the direct path to your soul